KovillaERP is a features rich, affordable business management enterprise software built on ERPNext. It helps
businesses of all sizes and sector increase her bottom line by transforming daily operations with connected processes
that ensure the availability of accurate, actionable business information to aid decision making at any time. Armed
with real-time business status, management can reduce operating cost and improve on key success drivers like:


Quality of Product/Services


Cost of delivering the products/services


Speed of delivery

From retail, distribution, manufacturing to service delivery, KovillaERP can be adapted to your use case, proving you
with complete control of business activities with real-time information about finances, Purchases,
Inventories, Sales, Payroll, Projects, Human resources, customers and more.


  One-Off perpetual license; no per user or module license fees

  Deployment in days not months

  Flexible deployment option; Cloud or on premise

  Friendly and intuitive user interface

  Granular role-based access control, to ensure employees
.         have access to only data required to perform their duties.

Deployment Option

KovillaERP provides flexible deployment option for clients based on client business needs


Be bundled with rich productivity tools accessible to authorized persons and adapted to your
organizational processes without compromising standard operating best practices

  Billing, financial accounting and reporting

  Inventory management and control

  Project management & cost control

  Payroll & expense tracking

  Asset management and control

  Better communication with customer and suppliers

  Tracking of fulfillment and shipping

  Bill of materials and production plannin

  Pricing, discounts and margin control

  Follow ups on leads and opportunities

  Data permission control and management

  Use from any location (online)

There are many more benefits of the solution which we would like to explain after understanding your business.